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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Top programming languages to learn as a web designer

Today, the internet is full of many innovative websites. Some of them are so creative that they successfully grab your attention at a single glance. A creative and eye- catchy website is a must for every company and industry.

Web designing has a vast scope for creative professionals as every single company or industry has its online presence. Even before starting up the company, people opt for getting a professionally designed website that can retain more business for them.

In order to build a website, a web designer should know the important web design languages. Web designers who are expert in the field use markup language - HTML for creating structure and CSS for presentation. They use different designing elements such as images, fonts, graphics, and colors to develop an attractive website.

Thus, it all starts with planning and includes the creation and maintenance of the website in the long run. Whether working individually or as a professional, a web designer must master the most essential web designing languages.

HTML & CSS: HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language” which is the most basic and widely used language for web designing. HTML Training Course describes the structure of web pages and involves working on tags like the headline, body, paragraph, table, etc. It is considered as the basic building blocks for a web designing and development professional. It is a common code on which the conventional web designs were created and now most of the modern web pages are being built.

On the other hand, there is one more language which is equally important i.e. CSS. It goes together with HTML to create an innovative web design. CSS stands for “Cascading style sheets” which includes describing the HTML elements for a perfect display on screen or any other multimedia devices. CSS makes the work easier for a web designer or web design Course in Rohini as it helps in controlling multiple web pages all at once.

People are confused sometime between HTML and CSS but it’s quite simple. HTML is used to look up to all the content part such as copy, graphics, and images; and CSS is used for all the designing part such as layout, background and visual effects, etc.

BOOTSTRAP: Bootstrap is the most popular open source framework used for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. Through bootstrap more features like padding, alignments, margins and many more are added to HTML. It provides HTML & CSS based typographic and interfaces components which are used for developing an attractive as well as interactive website across the globe. The latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 4 that covers plenty of features for developing responsive web designs. It helps in designing websites faster and easier with consistency.

JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript is considered as an important language for developers. However, it is one of the most significant scripting languages for a web designer to master. It works extremely well for those features that are impossible to achieve with HTML and CSS alone. It is aimed at creating interactive web content and pages for business, professionals and personal websites.

JavaScript course is one of the most powerful languages for web designers involving a lot of codes that gives freedom to the designer for creating out- of- the box web designs. It also lets the designer customize user experience that sometimes depends on the JavaScript. 

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